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It’s been an enlightening experience to start sharing my writing…


A Manifesto – I Think

I want to delete everything…

I am passionate about words. I confess my favorite book is a thesaurus. Every word is different and only one communicates a message perfectly. A thesaurus never fails to shine light on just the right word – for me. at the time.

Times change, feelings change, and “perfect” may nose-dive to “mediocre” or even “Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot” in short-order. One moment a piece of writing feels “spot-on”, “fun”, even “brilliant”, or “just-right” and the next moment it just doesn’t feel the same.

On the positive, the feeling often passes and the piece feels right, again. Those times, when the feeling doesn’t pass –

I want to delete everything.

I won’t. I won’t give in to perfectionism. I won’t let my writing be a reflection of me. My writing is simply a reflection of a moment in time. In that moment, under those conditions, influenced by that prompt – the piece felt right. It stays – I think